Project Description


Speech Pathologist

Emma is a speech pathologist who enjoys a variety of clinical situations across all aspects of swallowing and communication. She has experience across all domains of Speech Pathology practice both in adult and paediatric populations.

Emma has completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at James Cook University. She has had clinical experience including acute hospital and rehabilitation for adults and varying levels of clinical experience in both metropolitan and rural setting for the paediatric population. Emma is able to provide assessment and therapy for individuals in acute stages of their conditions and throughout the rehabilitation process. Emma is able to provide assessment and intervention to facilitate the rehabilitation process for all populations relating to communication and swallowing.

Emma is proficient in the following area’s:

  • Speech assessment and therapy
  • Language (both expressive and receptive) assessment and therapy
  • Swallowing assessment, therapy and rehabilitation
    • Assessment and management for modified diets and fluids
  • Voice assessment and therapy
  • Assessment for and assistance with implementation of assistive communication devices

Providing services under:

Bulk Billing
Community Rehab
Self funded
My Aged Care

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