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Alliance Rehabilitation are able to provide manual training to groups at our Townsville clinic or we can deliver a tailored program to your staff on-site. Training can address a number of common areas such as

  • WHS Legal Obligations and best practice
  • Common injuries and causes
  • Hazards and Risk assessment and management
  • Safe working postures and manual handling techniques (General Lifting, People Handling, Hoist use, assisting participants with conditions affecting mobility, bed transfers and chair transfers)

Our manual handling training provides participants with the skills to undertake manual handling tasks safely and reduce the risk of injury in your workplace. Our programs have both theory-based and practical training so that participants have a complete understanding of manual handling practices and are able to utilise these skills in your workplace.

All manual handling training is delivered by one of our qualified occupational therapists or physiotherapists. Upon completion participants will receive a certificate of attainment

Continence Training

How to use catheters, hygiene procedures, products available targeted at family, support and nursing staff.

Electrical Stimulation Training

For participants who require daily therapy program involving ES, we can provide a individually tailored or group training in this specialised area.

PEG Training

For training of family and staff involved in use of PEGs with participants.

Communication Methods for people with disabilities

Our speech and language pathologists are able to provide information on speech disorders, the impacts of this, options for communication and how to follow up a Speech Pathology home program.

Home Therapy Programs

This course will go through how family and support workers can follow up Home Therapy Programs prescribed by Allied Health Professionals.  This can be individually tailored to one participant, or a general group program.  Programs may vary and include physical programs (ranging, basic massage), upper limb programs, speech therapy programs and cognitive programs.  We will also provide information on motivating participants, to complete activities, supported using Behaviour strategies.

Corporate programs

Our Corporate programs will provide you with a Certificate for this training, to be used as evidence.  We will provide corporate organisations with attendance sign off lists, individual competency checklists and feedback obtained from the individuals who attended the training.

Quoted Services

Corporate services can be quoted as requested.

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