Occupational Therapy Services

Occupation isn’t just what you do for work, it is the meaningful activities you perform in your everyday life such as cooking, getting to the shops or dressing. An OT can work with you to identify your strengths and difficulties in these areas and will help you to devise practical solutions.

Alliance Rehabilitation offers specialist rehabilitation and capacity building occupational therapy assessment and intervention plans for adults. Our occupational therapists are experienced in working with people who have neurological conditions such as acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, progressive neurological conditions, orthopaedic conditions and amputation.

Our goal is to help you to achieve your goal! We provide a client-centred approach to therapy with an aim to maximise your engagement in meaningful activities, to enhance your quality of life.

Occupational Therapists at Alliance Rehabilitation are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), the national accreditation body. AHPRA members are regulated to ensure clinicians maintain current practice that is supported by the latest evidence-based practice.

Areas of expertise include;

  • Community participation and leisure therapy including fishing, cooking, bowling, shopping and working with tools
  • Task Analysis for assessment and re-training of everyday living skills like using cutlery and dressing, household tasks such as cooking and cleaning, and vocational skills including handwriting and typing
  • Upper limb (arm and hand) rehabilitation including assessment and intervention. Intervention may include individual sessions, group-based sessions, functional electrical stimulation, sensory re-training and robotic assisted upper limb therapy using Tyromotion.
  • Bespoke functional splint fabrication, modified constraint induced movement therapy and outcome assessment for hypertonicity treatment.
  • Analysis of cognitive / thinking skills such as attention, memory, planning, organisation and development of strategies to assist with changes in these skills
  • Assessment of postural management including seating assessment and recommendations regarding pressure care. This includes recommendation of Assistive Technology such as seating systems, pressure cushions, pressure relieving mattresses, backrests, hoists and slings.
  • Fatigue management
  • Home modification assessment and recommendations to promote your safety and independence
  • Identification, trialling and recommendations for equipment, environmental adaptations and assistive technology.
  • Driving assessment and vehicle modifications

Occupational therapists work interprofessionally within the Alliance Rehabilitation team to ensure a holistic approach during intensive treatment, and ongoing support and continuity when services cease.

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