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From July 1 2016, anyone who sustains a serious personal injury in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland may be eligible to receive necessary and reasonable lifetime treatment, care and support under the Scheme.  Under this scheme a serious personal injury includes

  • Permanent spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Multiple or high-level limb amputations
  • Permanent injury to the brachial plexus
  • Severe Burns
  • Permanent legal blindness.

The NIIS Q Regulation 17 outlines the requirements for treatment and support for participants under this scheme must benefit them

1. The agency must consider whether providing the treatment, care or support for, or relating to, the person’s treatment care and support needs—

  • (a) is likely to maximise the person’s independence, participation in the community and employment; and
  • (b) will assist the person in managing the injury.

2. In considering the matters mentioned in subsection (1), the agency must also have regard to the following matters—

  • (a) whether the treatment, care or support relates directly to the person’s individual goals;
  • (b) whether the treatment, care or support will improve or maintain the person’s ability to conduct daily activities or participate in the community or employment;
  • (c) whether the treatment, care or support has been provided to the person previously, resulting in an improvement to, or assistance in managing, the person’s injury;
  • (d) whether the treatment, care or support has a measurable outcome;
  • (e) whether the person has agreed or is likely to agree that the treatment, care or support will benefit the person in the ways mentioned in subsection (1);
  • (f) any associated risks of the treatment, care or support to the person, weighed against the expected benefit of the treatment, care or support to the person.


It is really important that we are aware of these Regulations and requirements, as the Case Managers of this scheme must ensure that any rehabilitation plan put forward, meets all of these criteria. Alliance Rehabilitation works closely with all parties with the aim of achieving participant goals and helping to improve functioning and resume community living and independence.

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