Following the recent (28/06/2019) Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Disability Reform Council meeting, from October 1st 2019, the NDIS will fund specific disability-related health supports where the supports are a regular part of the participant’s daily life, and result from the participant’s disability.

The disability-related health supports funded under the NDIS will include:

Dysphagia Supports  

  • Development of oral eating and drinking care plans (OEDCP)
  • Swallowing therapy associated with dysphagia provided by an allied health professional

Diabetic Management Supports  

  • Development of diabetic management plan
  • Daily maintenance and care associated with diabetic management plan (where the participant is unable to self-manage due to their disability)

Continence Supports  

  • Catheter changes
  • Cleaning of catheters
  • Consumables
  • Assessments, plans and reviews

Wound and Pressure Care Supports  

  • Wound care consumables (e.g. dressings)
  • Lymphoedema machines
  • Lymphoedema garments

Respiratory Supports 

  • Tracheostomy changes
  • Tracheostomy clinical management
  • Tracheostomy equipment and consumables
  • Constant Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and consumables
  • Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machine and consumables
  • Air humidifier
  • Portable suction machine
  • Cough assist machine
  • Ventilator

Nutrition Supports

  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) and HEN equipment (or similar) and consumables, excluding Food Formula
  • Thickeners and nutritional supplements
  • PEG stoma changes
  • Dietetic consultations
  • Development of nutritional meal plans
  • Development of meal time management plans

Podiatry and Foot Care Supports  

  • Podiatry diagnosis and assessment and development of podiatry care plan

Epilepsy Supports  

  • Epilepsy seizure monitoring
  • Epilepsy monitoring through assistive technology


How can Alliance Rehabilitation help you?

Alliance rehabilitation is a Registered NDIS provider that can provide a range of these disability support services in the North Queensland region. While based in Townsville, outreach services are provided in AyrInghamCharters TowersHughendenRichmondMagnetic Island and Palm Island.

We have a highly qualified multi-disciplinary team (currently providing some of these services in community health) who will be well-positioned to provide through the NDIS.

Our allied health services include Speech Pathology (for Dysphagia and swallowing therapy), Dietetics & Nutrition (for PEG feeding and nutrition), Diabetes Education (diabetes support), Nursing (wound management and continence) along with other supports through PhysiotherapyOccupational TherapyExercise PhysiologySocial WorkPsychology and Neuropsychology.

Your plan, your way.

Alliance Rehabilitation’s Client Coordinator can provide you and your family, your GP, the LAC (Local Area Coordinators) and NDIS with information regarding your progress during your time with us and support ongoing recommendations to NDIS. We aim to provide high-quality, consistent, disability services.  We pride ourselves on transparency through our agreements and consistent pricing that allows coordinators and self managed participants to make most out of their funded supports.

Contact Us Today!

If you have questions regarding our NDIS services or referring to Alliance Rehabilitation, contact us today.

Source: For more information on these changes including Exclusions and Frequently Asked Questions can be found here:–0uiei_BPEuWH4xQawCDE5SRrVOSkTjBy4qshrMVF0UyVbb6QITOal8