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Once a referral is approved by Townsville Hospital Referral participants attend an Intake Meeting. This meeting is a chance for our clinicians to identify goals for rehabilitation and to identify how our service can assist with achieving these. This is a collaborative process and we take the time to really understand the needs of each person’s rehabilitation journey.

Following the intake, our interdisciplinary team works together to develops a personalised Rehabilitation Plan with both functional and clinical goals. Participants are always encouraged to provide feedback, direction and consent on the planned program. Each person is introduced to the professionals who will assist in the delivery of the program and are provided with a personally held health record “My Journey” to document the rehabilitation plan, goals and activities.

During the program each participant is reviewed at three-week intervals in a “Touching Base” session. These sessions aim to ensure participants needs are being met, the rehabilitation plan has been implemented as agreed and to monitor progression towards clinical outcomes and goals.

How long will I attend Alliance Rehabilitation?

Programs run from six to twelve weeks depending on what gains are being made and your goal achievement.
For persons who attend our service for specific one off services, such as a Driving Assessment, your appointment will be booked and attended to as soon as possible.

What happens at the end of the rehabilitation program?

You will be re-assessed on initial outcome measures to capture and identify the positive changes that you have achieved since the beginning of your journey.

You will be supported at the end of your program, with a home-based rehabilitation program and referral to appropriate community services, agencies or back to work if that is your goal.

What type of rehabilitation will I do?

Your rehabilitation program will be personalised and specific to your situation and your preferences; involving both one-on-one sessions and group programs. You may also be interested in our Queensland-first Tyromotion robotic and computer assisted rehabilitation lab to improve your movements in a fun and engaging way. Or you may choose to participate in some of our group therapy programs including FitFlex, Communication Group, High Mobility Training, STEPS Program and more.

If you have several appointments with us in the same day, remember to bring your lunch (we have a fridge) or you can join our tuck shop service for lunch and snacks on a budget.

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