Providing rehabilitation and ongoing support.

Traumatic spinal cord injury is a devastating orthopaedic injury, and rehabilitation and ongoing support of these injuries is especially important. Alliance rehabilitation has a dedicated experienced team to work with people with spinal cord injuries. We can assist you with;

  • Assessment and recommendations for your daily roles and functions, assist you to remain as active in the community as possible.
  • Assessment and ongoing capacity building support for lower extremity function, increasing and maintaining cardiovascular fitness, range of movement, hypertonicity management.
  • Upper limb assessment, recommendations to maintain shoulder health, fabrication of splints to assist with daily tasks such as brushing teeth, writing, and holding a cup or mobile phone.
  • Assessment of home environments to assist with minor modifications.
  • Management of bowel and bladder or pressure injury concerns with our specialist continence Nurse.
  • Psychological support for adjustment to life with your spinal cord injury.