1000 Reps a Day: Strategies to increase intensity of practice in rehabilitation

1000 Reps a Day – Course Aims

This course aims to give you strategies to increase the intensity of practice for patients in rehabilitation. It is designed for any allied health professionals and assistants and draws on research that has been done to increase intensity of practice in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology. The course looks at the evidence for and describes strategies for increasing practice in 3 modes of therapy delivery; one to one therapist/patient practice semi-supervised practice i.e. classes, work stations, carer supervised practice and independent practice i.e. weekend, home exercise programmes.


  • Guest Speaker Dr Simone Dorsch

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Outline the evidence for a dose-response relationship between amount of practice & outcomes
  • Describe strategies to increase patient motivation & empowerment
  • Describe effective instructions & feedback during practice
  • Describe strategies to set up the environment for safe & effective semi-supervised practice
  • Describe strategies to increase attendance & participation in classes
  • Outline the evidence for & describe strategies to increase carer involvement in practice
  • Outline the evidence for increasing adherence to independent exercise programmes
  • Discuss & implement strategies to increase intensity of practice in your workplace


How much is enough practice?

  • The evidence for a dose-response relationship between amount of practice and outcomes

Changing motivation:

  • Meaningful assessments
  • How to increase patient motivation and involvement in practice
  • Changing environments
  • Changing behaviour

Semi-supervised practice:

  • Structuring the environment for safe semi-supervised practice
  • Structuring the environment for effective semi-supervised practice
  • Increasing participation and attendance in classes
  • Using workstations to increase practice
  • Using devices to increase practice
  • Evidence for involving carers in patient practice
  • Strategies for involving carers in patient practice

One to one practice:

  • Optimal amount and frequency of instructions
  • Internal and external focus of instructions
  • Optimal type, amount and frequency of feedback
  • Structuring the environment to drive practice

Independent practice:

  • Evidence for improving adherence to home exercise/ independent exercise programmes

Workshop material

The teaching material presented in this workshop has been developed by Simone Dorsch, Karl Schurr and Kate Scrivener from the Stroke Ed group.

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When: Saturday the 4th August 2018, 8am-4:00pm
Where: 139 Boundary St, South Townsville
Cost: $200 per person
RSVP: Call 07 4772 1219 or email to events@alliancerehab.com.au

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea provided.

8.30 Practice – how much is required? (Lecture)

9.30 Changing motivation (Lecture)

10.30 Morning tea

10.45 Semi-supervised practice (Lecture & Small group work)

  • Environment set-up
  • Classes
  • Workstations/devices
  • Carers

12.30 Lunch

1.15 Structuring one to one practice (Lecture)

2.45 Afternoon tea

3.00 Structuring one to one practice (Video – discussion)

3.30 Independent practice

  • Evidence for improving adherence (Lecture)

4.00 Your plan (Small group session)

  • Strategies to increase practice in your workplace

4.20 Discussion and Summary (Large group discussion)

4.30 Close

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