NDIS Services & Charges

The Service Prices below are based on the NDIS Price Guide recommendations and are subject to change. For more information on NDIS Pricing, visit https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/pricing-and-payment

Service Item Ref # Duration Cost

Initial Consultation

  • Case History
  • Therapy Related Goal Setting
  • Baseline Assessment
  • Service Agreement
15_048_0128_1_3 Per hour $175.57

(once only)

Assessment Services

Assistive Technology Needs Assessment (Needs Ax Template)

To be used when an assessment requested to assist in the planning or plan implementation process, particularly for new participants

15_048_0128_1_3 Per hour $140.00

Assistive Technology Assessment and Application (General AT Template)

Will be used by the NDIS to understand how the specified AT will support the achievement of the participant’s goal and to assess whether it is reasonable and necessary

Details all necessary components required to meet participant’s goal. This must be detailed enough to ensure that the item can be both accurately supplied and independently quoted

15_048_0128_1_3 Per Hour $140.00

Functional Needs Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of a person’s functional capacity to participate in activities of daily living to establish capacity, goals, and treatment or support service priorities.

(Usually 5 hours and includes report)

15_048_0128_1_3 Per Hour $140.00

Driving Assessment

(Usually 5 hours and includes report)

+ Driving school fee (not payable by NDIS)

15_048_0128_1_3 Inclusive $877.85


$120 (private)

PRPP (Cognitive) Assessment

The assessment provides information about a person’s cognitive abilities in functional tasks. Strategy application align with dimensions of attention and perception (P), learning, memory and recall (R), planning, decision-making and judgement (P), and the capacity to act on decisions and follow-through with plans (P).

Disciplines: OT only (specific training)

15_048_0128_1_3 Per Hour $140.00

Individual Therapy

Individual assessment, therapy and/or training (includes assistive technology)

To facilitate functional improvement through adjustment, adaptation and building capacity to participate in the broader community.

Disciplines: OT, PT, SW, PSY, SP, APD

15_048_0128_1_3 Per Hour $125.00

Dietitian consultation and diet plan development

Individual advice to a participant on managing diet for health and wellbeing due to the impact of their disability

12_025_0128_3_3 Per Hour $162.50

Exercise physiology

Individual advice to a participant regarding exercise required due to the impact of their disability

12_027_0126_3_3 Per Hour $125.00

Specialist Supports

Specialist behavioural intervention support

Highly specialised intensive support interventions to address significantly harmful or persistent behaviours of concern.

Disciplines: OT, SW (approval required)

11_022_0110_7_3 Per Hour $196.45

Behaviour management plan, training in behaviour management strategies

Training for carers and others in behaviour management strategies required due the persons disability

Disciplines: OT, SW (approval required)

11_023_0110_7_3 Per Hour $178.98

Computer and Robotic Assisted Therapy

Individual assessment, therapy and/or training utilising the Tyromotion Suite

15_048_0128_1_3 Per hour $125.00

Group Programs

Therapy Groups (AHA)

Cooking, Hydrotherapy, Upper limb group, constraint programs, Mobility

15_045_0128_1_3 Per hour $40.00

Exercise physiology in a group

Advice to a participant regarding exercise required due to the impact of their disability provided in group setting (3)

12_027_0126_3_3 Per Hour $40.00

Community Participation Programs

Fish-abilities, Accessible Art, Bowling, Music therapy, woodworking (AHA)

15_045_0128_1_3 Per Hour $40.00

Computer and Robotic Assisted Therapy

“TyroLab” guided therapy and/or training utilising the Tyromotion Suite

15_045_0128_1_3 Per hour $100.00

Other Costs

  • Resource development
  • Therapy related reporting at an agreed interval
  • Delivering training
  • Attending meetings or liaising with other stakeholders (by phone or face-to-face)
  • Observations at other locations
15_048_0128_1_3 Per Hour $125.00

Travel (if travel >10km is required)

Providers can claim travel time at the hourly rate for the relevant support item for travel more than 10km, up to a maximum annual limit of $1000 per participant (per annum)

15_048_0128_1_3 15 Mins

30 Mins

45 Mins

60 Mins






* Cancelation fee of $45 is payable by participant if cancellation is made < 12 hours prior to appointment. Where participants fail to present for therapy services, the service can charge a cancellation fee for a maximum of 2 hours of service within the period of any Service Agreement.